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Recruitment doesn’t always do itself any favours in the way it speaks to customers and I would like to see more transparency around market information/ conditions and a more informal dialogue between the stakeholders in our industry including clients and candidates. I’d also encourage feedback from interested parties and customers around recruitment in general and Ardent in particular. Is the market as tough as the press and American financial services organisations would lead us to believe? Are there rays of light in the firmament? Whilst I am on I would suggest that anyone looking to make a career move or any clients with recruitment needs should spend some time looking at our website .

It has a range of features designed to assist the recruitment process. The searchable job board is hugely useful and you can track the “market” by registering for our “Job Alert” service. This is also available in RSS form and keeps you updated on new opportunities as they “go live”. Take the opportunity to visit our “meet the team” page, we are an old fashioned recruitment consultancy that believes you can blend new technology with quality service and that relationships are long term; the more you know about us the easier that is. Feedback and views on our website greatly appreciated. On a final point is Linked in as ubiquitous as it appears? Do you find it a useful tool? If you are registered on it I’d be keen to connect, also you might want to join a group I recently set up the Northern Recruiters Network.

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